Thursday, February 26, 2009

GudLuck to aLL badminton's pLayers :)

Tonite we will start our tournament~
players~get ready..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Volleyball Tourney Updates

I would like to inform here that they will be slight changes in the fixtures of the volleyball tourney for the girls. This changes is made due to the complaints from the Chemi gurls that they have to play 2 games in a row. I would also like to apologize to them as i have overlook this scenario. So here are the new fixtures for the gurls :

SAT (28/2) ||Fixture || Umpire
0800 - 0830 ||CIS vs CHE || CV & ME
0830 - 0900 ||EE vs CV || CIS & CHE
0900 - 0930 ||ME vs CIS || CV & EE
0930 - 1000 ||
CHE vs EE || CIS & ME
2115 - 2145 ||CHE vs ME || CIS & CV
2145 - 2215 ||CV vs CIS || EE vs CHE
2215 - 2245 ||EE vs ME || CIS & CV
2245 - 2315 ||CV vs CHE || EE vs ME
2315 - 2345 ||CIS vs EE || ME & CV

SUN (01/3) ||Fixture || Umpire
0830 - 0900 ||CV vs ME || CHE & EE
0930 - 1000 ||FINAL || Will be decided

Good Luck~

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


sorry 4 the delay...

Date : 27th February 2009 (8.00pm until 11.00 pm)
28th February 2009 (8.00am until 11.00 pm)
Venue : Badminton Court (Sport Complex)

There are three categories for badminton;
  • Single (Male and Female)
  • Double (Male and Female)
  • Mix (Male + Female)
This is the schedule for Badminton:

27th February 2009
Court A : Mechanical vs Chemical
Court B : Electrical vs Civil

28th February 2009
8.00 am
Court A :Mechanical vs IT/IS
Court B :Chemical vs Electrical

28th February 2009
10.30 am
Court A :Civil vs IT/IS
Court B :Mechanical vs Electrical

28th February 2009
5.00 pm
Court A :Chemical vs IT/IS
Court B :Mechanical vs Civil

28th February 2009
8.00 pm
Court A :Electrical vs IT/IS
Court B :Chemical vs Civil

Rules and Regulations
1. Only JAN05 students from the respective courses can participate in this tournament.
2.UTP player is not allowed to join this tournament.
3.The registration form must be submitted to the organizer before 24th February 2009. If not, the team is considered disqualified.
4.This tournament is based on league system and the team that has the highest point collected will be announced as the winner. Point will be given based on:
  • Win : 3 points
  • Lose : 0 point
5.All team must have four men players and four women players. If possible, please prepare for one reserve for each gender.
6.Every player only allowed to play in one category for each match.
7.The team can change the player within the registered players only.
8.Only registered player can play in this tournament. The registration form is provided. (class rep)
9.All players must wear complete sports attire.
10.Player is given 5 minutes for warming up before the game start.
11.Only two shuttles cock will be provided for each game.
12.The end point for each match is 21.
13.The games rules are according to the rules that have been used by the international tournaments.
14.During match, player is not allowed to make any form of communication with the audiences. Please concentrate on the match. Only coach is allowed to communicate with the players.
15.The umpire will be selected among the UTP players from JAN 05 batch.
16.All the decision from the umpire is final and cannot be argued.
17.The organizer have the right to change the rules and regulations with or without notice.
18.If any team fails to follow the rules and regulations, the team will be disqualified for that match or entire tournament.
19.Any arguements about the rules and regulations will not be entertained by the organizer. This rules and regulations is final and cannot be argued.
20.RM200 will be charged for any arguements.

Problem? Contact
1. Mohamamad Syukri Mokhtar (Syuk) : 019-358 2287
2.Sharidatul Husna Hamidon (Una) : 019-520 9946

Badminton Tourney

Received from EE Course organizer.

Any enquiries regarding badminton tourney, refer to COURSE REP. They have received the documents regarding rules and regulations and the participation letter.

The badminton tourney happens the same date as volley, so make sure your players won't clash between the two tourneys.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Logo Competition. Spread this around!

"Ape?! Pertandingan logo? Horeyyyy~!!!"

Yezza~! It's logo competition, y'all! What logo you're asking me? Of course OUR BATCH's logo!!!

This is a very random competition. The rules are simple; Make it nice, cool and evergreen!

The most important thing is to capture the spirit of every course. That's the main ingredient, you should have the meat to make a meatball, if you know what I mean.

All you have to do is create a logo, then submit it to your course rep. The best among the course-mates will be selected to compete in the finale and the winner will receive prizes along side one of the greatest honor a batch mate could ever get. How cool is that to have a design used by everybody representing all of your friends?

The due date for submission is 8th of March, 2009. So work your hands up! Chaiyok2 y'allz~!

1) Soft copy preferably. You can submit a sketch but the chance of being selected is super-thin, unless it's super va-voom!

2)You can submit as many as you like for the course-competition, but only one will be selected to represent the course in the finale.

3) Do not leave behind any course, it will be rejected as soon as it arrives to the table. Yeah, we're cruel, bite us! =P

4) Describe the logo.

5) You can work in a team, but the prize is fixed. That means you'll have to share the prize, hehe~

6) Submit before 8th of March, 2009 at 2159.

Ps- Do spread this info to everyone. Chat, GTalk, YM, whatever methods, let everyone knows!

That's all. TQ~

-Jeanine Osa-

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Volleyball Tourney

Hi guys~as promised we from CIS department will organize a volleyball tourney in conjunction with our dinner.
Well the tournament will be held on the 28th of February till 1st of March for both boys and girls.
Here are the fixtures list~

Boys :

SAT (28/2) ||Fixture || Umpire
0800 - 0830 || CV vs ME || EE & CIS
0830 - 0900 || CIS vs CHE || ME & EE
0900 - 0930 ||EE vs CV || CHE & ME
2115 - 2145 ||ME vs CIS || EE & CV
2145 - 2215 ||CHE vs EE || ME & CIS
2215 - 2245 ||CV vs CIS || EE & CHE
2245 - 2315 ||EE vs ME || CIS & CV
2315 - 2345 ||CV vs CHE || ME & CIS

SUN (01/3) ||Fixture || Umpire
0800 - 0830 ||CIS vs EE || CHE & CV
0830 - 0900 || ME vs CHE || CIS & EE
1000 - 1030 ||FINAL || Will be decided

Girls :

SAT (28/2) ||Fixture || Umpire
0800 - 0830 ||CIS vs CHE || CV & ME
0830 - 0900 ||EE vs CV || CIS & CHE
0900 - 0930 ||ME vs CIS || CV & EE
2115 - 2145 ||CHE vs EE || CIS & ME
2145 - 2215 ||CV vs CIS || EE vs CHE
2215 - 2245 ||EE vs ME || CIS & CV
2245 - 2315 ||CV vs CHE || EE vs ME
2315 - 2345 ||ME vs CHE || CIS & CV

SUN (01/3) ||Fixture || Umpire
0800 - 0830 ||CV vs ME || CHE & EE
0830 - 0900 ||CIS vs EE || ME & CV
1000 - 1030 ||FINAL || Will be decided

As u can see they are specific umpire for every match. Course representatives, please take note, submit at least one of your course member to be an umpire for both boys and girls and give the name and contact number to me or Syaima, the latest on 26th February. They can be either in your volleyball team or not. But it is advisable that they are from your volleyball team, since the player already know the basic rules and point system.

Now that we've settle on the fixtures, lets go to some of the ground rules for this tournament :
1) Winner for each match will be decided by best of 3 sets
2) Each set winning point is 25 point
3) Each team must submit 10 players. Only 6 players from a team is allowed to be on court at the same time
4) No substitution limits are imposed. Team can change player as they like
5) Only team captain are allowed to point a case to the umpire.
6) Teams arrives 15 minutes late from their fixture time, will hand their opponent a 2-0 win.
7) They will be 2 umpire and 2 linesman for each match. Umpire's personnel are as stated in the fixtures list
above. Linesman will be chosen from one of the reserve player for the participating teams.
Example : CIS vs ME. 1 reserve CIS player will be the linesman for ME side of the court and 1 reserve
ME player will be the linesman for CIS side of the court.

Any enquiries just contact me at my email or mobile.

I hope everyone will have fun and may the best team wins~ =)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Influx songs request~!

Y'all! I have a great news. Influx has confirmed to be a part of Jan'05 Dinner! Yeay~!

A messenger I am, bringing a personal request from our very own Influx.

They want us to suggest what songs to be played that night. Now shout out your favorites in the comments! Influx will choose from your suggestions and sing even 'Apo Kono Eh Jang' song, haha!

This comments will be opened for a week(+/-), and then we'll have a poll on the songs Influx has chosen.

So guys, ready, set, go~!

-Jeanine Osa-

Monday, February 16, 2009

A little taste of the ballroom

For some of you who don't know where is Casuarina, it's a long the road from Medan Gopeng to IP roundabout (taking the flyover at MG). You'll see it on the right.

Some of our friends went there to survey the hall and see the menus, here we brought in the pics for you guys to have a glimpse of the ballroom.

The lobby

The entrance

Basically this is how they decorated the entrance for weddings, we'll change it. Just a preview

And everything else is the ballroom and the stage.

Thanx to the guys who went to Casuarina~!

-Jeanine Osa-

Glamorous Red Carpet

First of all we would like to thank all of you guys for the great ideas and being very active to contribute towards the night. After a meeting regarding the issue, we have decided to stick to the original theme as we have come up with some solutions and reasons to suit everybody's wants.

1) Red carpet doesn't mean we have to wear Hollywood-style, gowns and tuxes. Obviously we ourselves can't afford to wear those. It's actually the red carpet to the main entrance where we will be treated in the glamorous way (There'll be red carpet (duh) and photographers taking our pics as we walk in to the Crystal Ballroom.) Oh yeah, there'll also be a booth where you'll be snapped, just be prepared and practice your best smiles!

2) Focus more on the 'Glamorous', fellas. And when we say that, you can wear any theme, as long as it's glamorous! It is a general ideas but based on the complexity and the cost, the best way is to come up with a theme where everyone can be comfortable with.

3) Be in your own unique style! Even better if you can plan with your group, that'll be cool! I wanna see some girls in retro kebaya and princesses in Arabian gowns.

To summarize it up, be a little (or more) above par from casual smart, okay?

Anyway, there are some general rules that we have to follow to make our event descent.

1) No slippers, shorts or round necks for boys.

2) Cover your shoulders and skirt's length must be below knees for girls.

Now the theme has been decided, you can have your time to put the best efforts. Baju labuci-labuci ka? Haha~!

Luv to y'all,

-Jeanine Osa-

Friday, February 13, 2009

Latest Info

Most of you guys should already received an e-mail regarding this same thing by now. Check your e-mail~!

DATE : 10TH APRIL 2009
TIME: 8.30PM
*Register + red carpet + photography (7.30PM-8.30PM)
THEME : Glamorous Red Carpet

* special performance by INFLUX, BAND JAMEN, ZAUFAN, UTP DANCER *
* awards for King, Queen, ‘special’ awards, lucky & UNlucky draws and many more! *

FEES: RM60-RM70.


1) FUTSAL (L & P)
2) NETBALL (L & P)


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Important reminder

RM35 yang perlu dibayar kepada wakil tu adalah untuk pendahuluan duit dinner kiter and aktiviti yang akan diadekan sepanjang road to dinner. Bak akte Anzec, budgetkan duit korang dalam RM70, in case~

Please pay the amount selewat-lewatnye Ahad depan (22 Fabruari 2009) okay?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wakil Course (Pay the dinner fee to them)


  1. Dalila

  1. Gapo




  1. Munirah

  1. Jaffar




  1. Kong

  1. Syaima




  1. Syaza

  1. Shima

  1. Syuk





1. Afnan
  1. Aya



Untuk dinner kite, the fee will be RM35. Sile bayar kat wakil course masing-masing ye?

There will be a poll coming up regarding theme, but I'm still waiting the green light from the big guys~

And I'm waiting for the pre-events and games we're gonna have to the road of Jan'05 dinner. Just keep tuning in for more.

Till then,
Good luck with your FYPs and stuff~

-Jeanine Osa-

Friday, February 6, 2009


"Glamorous red carpet"

Sounds fab? This may be the theme of our grand night. Think about it, you guys in the most gorgeous dresses and tuxes (Well, probably for the boys), walking down the red carpet reaching the main entrance in total confidence and style. Bejeweled with dimes and golds, looking like movie stars. Hotness overload!

But wait! Uh-uh, I heard moans.

"I just don't fit in"

"Ugh, that is so high school prom~!"

"Isn't that too common?"

"Errr... I'm not really into tuxes, ladies~"

Well, stop. Don't whine, babies. We know it won't be that fun if it's just us who's gonna make the decision without hearing any thoughts from y'all, fellow comrades.

So here, we would like to ask you guys a favor. Simple favor we think anyone who carries the title batch Jan'05 can and should drop a word of suggestion.

Your words, our words. It counts. So voice up fellas! Do speak.

"My theme is...!!!"

Something edgier?

Or simpleton sweet?

So what's your theme?

That's all~! Spending my fabulous weekend at a spa you probably couldn't afford to go. ;-)


-Jeanine Osa-

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tease you~ =)

Jan'05 dinner

Impiana Casuarina

10th of April 2009

...More is coming.